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The Burned-In Teacher Podcast is all about going from burned-out educator to BURNED-IN human. On this show, I interview teachers who are or have gone through burnout and they share with us what they are doing or have done in the past to beat it. I also interview experts in the field of teacher burnout, education, productivity, happiness, and basically all things BURN IN. There will also be episodes where I share my own experiences and answer questions from listeners and Burned-In Teacher Community Members.

Aug 19, 2023

In this episode, I’m talking with Chrissy Nichols from the Teacher Talk Podcast and we unlock the secrets to conquering teacher burnout recovery and embracing a brighter future, despite the resistance and isolation lurking in your educational environment. Discover how to stand tall against skepticism from colleagues while you continue on your path of growth and self-discovery. Get ready to unleash the power of self-compassion, set resilient boundaries, and foster an unshakeable growth mindset that propels you toward boundless success!


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Chrissy’s Bio

Chrissy Nichols is a life coach for teachers. After more than 22 years in the classroom, Chrissy used the very tools she teaches to lose 26 pounds, meet the love of her life and fall back in love with teaching. Chrissy works one-on-one with teachers to help them in three main areas: time power, body balance, and relationships. Chrissy's tools and brain hacks help teachers see that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them--they just need to learn how to rewire their brain. Chrissy helps teachers find the joy in teaching again and get back to feeling like the best version of themselves. See how Chrissy’s thought concepts become your concepts over at


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