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The Burned-In Teacher Podcast is all about going from burned-out educator to BURNED-IN human. On this show, I interview teachers who are or have gone through burnout and they share with us what they are doing or have done in the past to beat it. I also interview experts in the field of teacher burnout, education, productivity, happiness, and basically all things BURN IN. There will also be episodes where I share my own experiences and answer questions from listeners and Burned-In Teacher Community Members.

Aug 31, 2020

In this episode, I talk with Jen Molitor, author of The Happy Teacher Handbook, about her journey in education.  Jen goes deep into her first years of teaching and how her feelings of burnout ultimately lead her to take a break from teaching, with the intention of never going back. But it was her leaning into her power of choice that empowered Jen to make the decisions that were best for her.  Jen talks about the power of choice and how ultimately, it’s your CHOICE to remain burned out or to become burned-in!